Il nostro artigiano

Our craftsman

In order to tell you the story of our creations, it is important to tell you about the person who produces them: our craftsman, who patiently listens, supports and tolerates our creative nature.

The small artisan company originated in the 1960s, in Saluzzo, where the grandfather who founded it moved from the production of grit tiles to the processing of marble thanks to the economic boom.

Our craftsman lived his entire childhood in the family workshop watching his grandfather and father work with the desire to one day be able to follow in their footsteps.

Finally, 25 years ago, this wish came true and its story began: the processes that were originally strictly linked to the world of construction expanded to also be able to address the world of furniture and restoration.

The stimulus to create our products was also born from his desire for uniqueness; moving on to not only making mass production but also being able to create objects that stimulate the creativity and originality that for us are the basis of being a craftsman.

We have told you about another important piece of our history, we hope to be able to meet you again in the next chapter.

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