Our company

Our company aims to enhance the true work of the small craftsman, where the products are made by hand without using large machinery.

We only use top quality materials because for us it is important that the purchase of our creations is a 360° sensorial experience , to identify not only with the aesthetics of the product but with its history.
We immerse ourselves in the finishes perceptible to the touch and in the ever-changing shades of colour , which enchant our eyes.

Thanks to the hands of our craftsman, the pieces created are unique and unrepeatable , capable of adapting to any environment and situation, because they are produced individually and not in series.

With the purchase of LuxuryMarmi products it is like traveling through time, you identify with the lived history of each object, from the purchase of the raw material, to the creation up to the finished product.

We hope to be able to experience this journey together.

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